Immagination plays with creativity, wrapping with personality every surface of your home.

Art Frigo represents a new idea to revamp living and commercial spaces. We transform furniture, walls and interiors with custom photographic wraps, ready in standard sizes or tailored to match your style. Art Frigo lets you play with ordinary objects reinventing their design, give a new life to wardrobes, fridges, lamps and other furniture. Our design solutions originate from our great experience with interior decoration and art photography: our photographers and photoeditors join forces to always seek and optimize the most suitable pictures or plan ad-hoc shootings to match customer’s demand.

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Art Frigo Quality

Our photographic decals, wallpapers, forex and aluminum panels are all characterized by our premium HD printing quality. Art Frigo top-notch printing process delivers the best quality standard for large format applications. Our new generation printers let us print on adhesive materials, forex and aluminum panels with the same quality and attention to detail as our Fine Art prints. We work exclusively with premium materials from industry-leading manufacturers such as 3M, Avery, Althuglas and 3A Composites. Our inks are eco-solvent to guarantee the smallest possibile footprint on the envinronment.


Art Frigo Style

Styles and tastes are subject to change over time: restyle your furniture and your interiors without replacing them! Classic or trendy interiors, colorful or minimal white, Art Frigo finds the right images and the technical solutions to give a new look to your old furniture and interiors.

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Design Art Frigo

Photograhic Decals

Our photographic decals are large format high-quality prints, ready to apply on furniture, walls, doors and appliances to transform and restyle home, office and store interiors.

Art Frigo prints in standard size formats for doors, fridges, kitchen doors and headboards. We also have different size formats and design styles for kid/teenager bedrooms and living rooms.

Book Items
A must-have to recreate your own personal library!
Our Abat-Book lamps, tables and shelves: an original line of products inspired to classic bestsellers and famous quotes applied on lamps and furniture. We can also craft custom items with your favorite line or book cover!

What a bright invention!
Every lamp is customizable both with catalog Art Frigo pictures or your photos. Abat-book, a unique book lamp; large ceiling lamps Cupola and Disco Luminoso with majestic photos of cupolas, domes and beautiful skies; our Can Of Light, a can-shaped lamp with classic designs such us Coca-Cola and Campbell’s or customizable with your favorite design.

HD Photographic Wallpapers
Transform your walls into breathtaking trompe l’oeil or decorate with colorful ornaments, trendy contemporary art and stunning panoramic shots.

Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem! Every item is entirely customizable upon request, just ask.

Can Of Light Campbells Framed
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